YEM is a cryptocurrency with stable value

Correctly, in addition to this brief information, it is important to know that YEM a cryptocurrency with which, after all, people all over the world are already paying.

In this respect, experience with this digital payment method is being gathered on a daily basis by SafeZone (SZ) members worldwide.

Basically, you can buy goods, services and even real estate in the SafeZone (SZ). With every purchase YEM as a means of payment of the safe zone.

In addition, all payment transactions on the YEMchain viewable.

Furthermore, the SafeZone (SZ) is accessible free of charge to all members of the Unicorn Network. Everybody Safezone pass Owner can be a member of the Unicorn Network for free.

How can you use Your Everyday Money ?

Around the world, millions of members benefit from the offers of the affiliated companies, which have proven to be trustworthy and secure. You can also be confident that your personal data will be treated 100% confidential, that the purchase transaction will be handled seriously and that the payment process will be secure and anonymous. In the SafeZone (SZ) of the Unicorn Network(UN) you will find a constantly increasing number of goods, services and other offers (real estate, gold, etc.), which will meet your needs and those of all future members.

How is the value of the YEM determined ?

The YEM is the digital means of paymentwhich Safezone's more than 3 million members use to pay for services, goods, cars, homes, travel and more.

Whereas with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co. the value on exchanges is determined by supply and demand,

determines the value of the YEM at regular intervals, depending on fundamentals such as trading volume, service value, tangible value and supply of goods the independent YEM Foundation. Whereby the price can either stagnate or increase.

Currently, SafeZone (SZ) has 3 million members around the globe. Of them, more than 1 million people already use this stable cryptocurrency as a secure means of payment.

The YEM was launched in 2017 by more than 3700 internet users from 157 different countries as the SafeZone (SZ) digital currency and base currency.

For the first time in the history of cryptocurrencies, a digital currency has been launched by "the people for the people". 

Who am I and what will I do for you?

I am Ralf Thode. Born in 1965 in the north of Germany. As CEO of Tbilisi, Georgia-based Blacksea Blockchain Consulting LLC, I look back on almost 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur. In short, my professional focus has been on finance and digital communications for over 30 years. In addition, I look back on many years as a financial services professional where I considered real estate finance, commercial finance, and sophisticated investment advisory to be my world. However, I turned my back on the financial industry in 2010 because I could no longer stand the fact that banks and insurance companies had learned nothing from the 2008 financial crisis.

Banks and insurance companies adé

Nevertheless, by a happy coincidence, I got deep into the field of digital payment systems in 2012. That is, as CFO of a Maltese bank and CEO of CATRIS ödeme sistemleri AS, Istanbul, I inevitably came across Bitcoin and the Blockchain. That is why I have completely converted my company to the topics of Blockchain & Co.

Accordingly, three core areas have developed. Industrial Bitcoin Mining, the support of Security Token Offerings and a Crypto Academy.

Due to the increasing internationalization of Blockchain & Co, I chose Georgia as the headquarters for Blacksea Blockchain Consulting LLC, which has taken over all of the company's operations.

It was YEM....

In the year 2020 another lucky coincidence made it possible for me to get to know the YEM with all its possible applications. Through the direct line to Daniel Settgast (you will hear the name more often) I decided to participate intensively in the development and expansion of the Unicorn Network, the SafeZone and the YEM.

All members who subscribe to my mailing list and accept my invitation to join the Unicorn Network receive regular support from me in the form of coaching and webinars. 

I look forward to welcoming you to the Safezone today.

Yours, Ralf Thode 

The Unicorn Network's SafeZone is an international center and at the same time a marketplace where companies can qualify to become a member of the Unicorn Network. With their membership companies are allowed to offer goods, services and also real estate at incredible conditions. 

Who needs the YEM ?

The emergence of this digital currency is extraordinary.

It doesn't matter whether you are a private person or an entrepreneur - with the YEM you will experience something special.

YEM is accepted worldwide by more and more online shops and services as well as local points of sale (POS).

Bank and credit card fees are not applicable.

Turn your mobile phone into an ATM and make your payments with maximum privacy and security.

What is the next step ? How can you buy YEM cheap?

Buy YEM via this website. You can get more information about buying YEM from here . Your electronic wallet, also called PERNUM Multiwallet in the Safezone, must be activated. For this you log in here and create your SafeZone Pass.

The membership in the Unicorn Network (UN) and SafeZone (SZ) is free of charge and it always will be.

YEM Installment Purchase. Do you already know the SafePlan ?

With our Safeplan you can also pay the YEM in installments. You secure the course of today and pay in up to 36 convenient monthly installments. What advantages does our ingenious savings plan offer you? Read on here...

YEM trading price (nominal value) Realtime

YEM Trade Price vs. YEM Minimum Price

DateYEM-USD Retail priceYEM-EUR Retail priceYEM-USD Minimum priceYEM-EUR Minimum price
07.12.202110,0000 USD8,625 EUR9,5000 USD8.1939 EUR

YEM Performance

DateYEM-USD Retail priceYEM-EUR Retail priceGrowth in %
07.12.202110,0000 USD8.6252 EUR11,1 %
12.10.20219.0000 USD7.8023 EUR49,3 %
08.03.20216.0300 USD5,0900 EUR1,7 %
03.03.20215.9300 USD4,9100 EUR20,5 %
21.02.20214.9230 USD4,0595 EUR9,4 %
07.02.20214,5000 USD3,7366 EUR11,7 %
31.01.20214.0300 USD3.2764 EUR14,2 %
17.01.20213.5300 USD2,9503 EUR30,7 %
07.01.20212,7000 USD2,2566 EUR10,2 %
04.01.20212.4500 USD2,0476 EUR8,9 %
27.12.20202.2500 USD1.8805 EUR11,6 %
22.12.20202.0160 USD1,6849 EUR13,3 %
29.11.20201.7798 USD1,4875 EUR18,8 %
14.09.20201.4984 USD1,2626 EUR45,5 %
08.09.20201.0298 USD0.8746 EUR17,0 %
17.05.20200.8800 USD0,8148 EUR3,6 %
03.05.20200.8494 USD0.7865 EUR4,5 %
19.04.20200.8128 USD0.7526 EUR3,3 %
05.04.20200.7867 USD0.7284 EUR50,0 %
24.2.20200.5243 USD0,4855 EUR24,1 %
23.12.20190.4225 USD0,3912 EUR16,9 %
16.12.20190.3615 USD0,3347 EUR11,0 %
09.12.20190.3257 USD0,3016 EUR16,9 %
02.12.20190.2786 USD0.2580 EUR14,3 %
25.11.20190.2437 USD0,2256 EUR16,4 %
18.11.20190.2093 USD0,1938 EUR11,8 %
11.11.20190.1872 USD0,1733 EUR19,1 %
04.11.20190.1572 USD0,1456 EUR290,1 %
10.10.20190.0403 USD0,0373 EUR31,3 %
27.09.20190.0307 USD0,0284 EUR129,1 %
01.09.20190.0134 USD0,0124 EUR1.030,8 %
01.06.20170.0013 USD0,0012 EUR
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